Our vineyards are located in a highland valley at the southernmost tip of Monterey County, just on the border between the small towns of Bradley and Lockwood. Perched in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Range roughly 14 miles from the ocean and some 25 miles from Paso Robles, the Bradley-Lockwood area is a unique region with viticultural roots going back more than two centuries. First recognized as an ideal grape-growing region by the missionaries of Junipero Serra, the establishment in 1771 of the Mission of San Antonio de Padua also saw the planting of some of the first vineyards on the continent. These vineyards, planted in the eponymous Mission varietal and providing fruit as well as the necessary raw material for sacramental wine, remained in cultivation until the gradual decay of the mission system in the mid 1880s.

As a smaller operation with a comparatively low case volume, our approach to winemaking is fairly similar to our approach to winegrowing. A logical result of harvesting on a block-by-block basis is that we ferment our wines in small lots, effectively building each vintage from a series of micro-crus. This iterative method gives us the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different yeasts and fermentation practices, handcrafting each lot in the process. Carefully tailoring oak regimens to specific varietals and experimenting with different types of oak also help to add complexity to the finished product.

In general, our intention is to produce approachable, fruit-forward wines that provide robust yet elegant expressions not only of the varietal but of the region as well. Though we are interested in taking full advantage of our warmer climate and of the richness and intensity it helps to produce, we also intend to steer clear of overly big wines with their stratospheric levels of alcohol that mask flavor. In the end, we hope to strike the perfect balance between nature and nurture, finding the ideal middle path that best presents the remarkable potential that these varietals have demonstrated in our unique area. Ultimately, we’re interested in creating wines that make a true contribution to the landscape of viticulture and winemaking in Monterey County.