Rexford Winery handcrafts wines in small lots using grapes from select local vineyards. We focus on single-vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and other premium varieties. Our wines accurately reflect the varietal characteristics of the grapes and the unique microclimates and soils of the vineyards from which they come.

Our style is strongly influenced by the character of fine European wines that pair well with food. We work closely with selected growers to secure fruit that will produce well-balanced wines that are true to the variety and without excessive alcohol. Absolutely minimal cellar handling is used to preserve the full character and complexity that the grapes can provide. Racking and bottling schedules do not follow rigid timelines, but are adapted to fit the development of each wine. The finest barrels are used judiciously so that oak flavors are not dominant and at most provide a subtle background to the intrinsic aroma and flavor profile of the wine. We do not fine or filter our wines. The wines are exposed minimally to air during production and aging, and they can be expected to continue to improve with several years of bottle aging, though all Rexford wines can be drunk with pleasure on release.