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Seventh between San Carlos and Dolores Carmel, CA 93921


Silvestri Vineyards began in the Piedmont region of Italy as an immigrant’s dream of a better life. The year was 1908 when a young girl from Castell’Alfero, and a young boy from Novara prepared to leave home and travel to America. Joseph (Joe) Silvestri and Eugenia (Jenny) Martinetto would later meet and marry in New York’s ‘Little Italy’ where they worked in the restaurant business. With the arrival of their children, they moved across the Hudson River to Teaneck, New Jersey, with the hope of building a life and a business of their own.

In 1950 a grandson would be added to their legacy and it was in this grandson that the Silvestri family would once again feel the wanderlust that had brought them to this land of dreams and opportunity. Finding his voice in music, Alan Silvestri traveled to Los Angeles in search of his dream through the pursuit of his art. Music was his vehicle for expression but food and wine, the staples of life at home, were never far from his heart. After meeting his wife Sandra in 1978, they would often travel back east where family events and occasions were always marked by wonderful food served with Jenny and Joe’s homemade wine.

Alan and Sandra’s first of three children, Alexandra, was born in 1983 and the young family lived in Los Angeles while Alan developed his career in film music. Times were good but something was missing. In 1989 they moved north to Carmel and bought an old house that inspired them to once again take a chance and commit to a new part of the world. It was in this house that the motif of their life was found. The double window and arch represent the fulfillment of a journey which began almost one hundred years ago.

With the planting of these vines, rooted in the rich and fertile land of Carmel Valley, the Silvestri’s once again have roots…they once again have that elusive sense of being “home.” Although Jenny and Joe never got to drink these Silvestri wines, their vision lives on in the tastes and smells of fruit lovingly grown for the wines inspired by their dream.