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In the Vineyards


These beautiful young wine grapes are Pinot Noir grapes from Holman Ranch in the Carmel Valley AVA of Monterey Wine Country.

They are still small, hard, highly acidic, and, as you can see, green-colored (caused by chlorophyll). That will change in the next few weeks as they go through a process called VERAISON. When veraison starts, the energy stored in the roots redirects itself to the berries (grapes). The chlorophyll will be replaced by sugars and other nutrients, including carotenoids in white grapes or anthocyanins in red grapes.

You can see the veraison process happening when the grapes’ color changes. White grapes become more translucent, and red grapes turn…can you guess???….red. It’s an exciting time of change in vineyards!

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