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Try our "3 Perfect Days" itinerary for an authentic immersion into Monterey Wine Country! You’ll leave with a deep sense of the character, history, and excellence that is Monterey Wines.

ROAD CLOSURE ON RIVER ROAD: How to get to winery tasting rooms

River Road will be closed starting Tuesday, August 2, and will remain closed until Wednesday, August 31 at Fairview Road to repair a culvert under the roadway.

You can take River Road from the north, Chualar River Road, or Gonzales River Road to get to Odonata, Rustique, Puma Road, & Pessagno winery tasting rooms.  

To get to Wrath, Hahn, or Joyce – take Highway 101 to Arroyo Seco (near Soledad) via Fort Romie Rd. to River Rd.


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