Red Leaf Disease

All winegrowers in Monterey County have been invited to participate in a process of exploring the development of a plan of working together to combat red leaf diseases collectively.

To Date We Have:

  • Met several times
  • Established goals and core beliefs
  • Conducted a survey (Monterey vineyard owners/managers can still take the survey here)
  • Developed protocol for monitoring (coming soon)
  • Come up with action steps for meeting as neighborhood groups (all at the same time)


This is a group effort. Nothing is set in stone but there is an intention to have all Monterey County growers explore ways to collectively help minimize/contain the impact of red leaf diseases on our vineyards. All winegrowers in Monterey County are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Sign up here for ongoing notices.


  • Reduce the impact of Red Leaf Viruses through collective efforts


  • All winegrowers in Monterey County want to protect our (and our neighbors’) vineyards from Red Leaf Viruses and other pests.
  • We know how to work together to solve problems
  • Rather than look to government for any kind of mandatory intervention, we can do it ourselves
  • Although we may seek public funding and will partner with govt. agencies as needed
  • The management plan will meet requirements for SIP/CSWA & European Council and Commission Wine Regulations