Monterey Wine Country boasts over 175 unique vineyards. Winegrowing mostly takes place in a 90-mile-long valley, with only eight primary viticulture soil types. The northernmost areas of Monterey, deemed as on the edge of being too cold to grow wine grapes, are held in high esteem for their exceptional production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Yet, the valley experiences a “thermal rainbow™” spreading north-to-south, cold to warm, providing diverse ever-warming micro-climates supporting forty-two fine wine varietals.

We invite you to explore the vineyards of Monterey Wine Country. Today’s growers use innovative techniques to preserve the land for future generations while producing the highest quality grapes that go into the best wines available. With over 42 varietals, the region leaps with character and diversity that continue to meet consumer taste preferences and quality standards.